W e l c o m e

   Actually the company or business that does not have a Website is considered in a disadvantage compared to its competitors. Having a presence on the Web of the Internet is important for the following reasons:

• A business that has its own Website shows an excellent level of professionalism because it is at the forefront with new technologies. This translates into increased confidence to potential customers.

• Having a Web Site automatically presents your business to millions of potential buyers or consumers worldwide and the market increases exponentially.

• Having your own domain name (the name of your company on the Internet) www.yourcompanyname.com … Gives your business an identity and the possibility of having their own email accounts for your company. For example: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. this offers an excellent image for your business.

• You can use your website as a management tool in general. It will help in the Promotion, Sales, Communication with Clients, Dissemination of information of your company (News, Specials, Notices, etc.)

• A Web site gives you the opportunity to promote or sale your products online which would be available 24 hours by day 365 days by year.

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